Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What goes around comes around..I guess it is right!

Today, just as I was  returning from the gym, a group of kids, not more than age 6, asked me so very kindly whether I wanted to have some jam and rasperry juice. Of course I would!
There they were, on a small stand there were some crackers with some jam and a jar and plastic cups. The jam was free but the rasperry juice was 10p- of course I would, I instantly recalled my childhood: I also used to go to the park to “sell” my things, like books, bracelets, hair clips etc. Helping the young & local trade is a task for all of us!
What was even more hilarious is that they could give me a very very small amount of rasperry juice as they didn’t have much- ooppppss, a supply problem!
I was their first customer- so how could I ever refuse them?! I know how good it feels when you manage to sell something!
It has been a long time since I saw such a behaviour, i.e. children behaving like children. Unfortunately we have grown more accustomed to children behaving like grown-ups (and grown-ups, especially the female ones, behaving like children). Maybe it is because I live in a residential area, where kids can go to school on foot or just enjoy their afternoon in the park, therefore they keep their “childhood” relatively in a better way or here live people who still stick to some certain values of child-raising that I also believe are right... Of course I am not an authority or who am I to criticise what people do, yet I have my own terms with life ;) 


Finally, I am back- after a (relatively) messy and an exhaustive month, happy to say that I am back!
And I am back with a change in my blog: I have decided to make it bilingual. I believe I will be able to share my life/experience more this way.

Dear friends,

Here is my little project that I have been mingling with for a while. Most of you are very familiar with the latest changes in my life, which is basically why I started this blog.
Coral shoes, seen on the picture, are the ones I wore for my wedding in London. A very dear friend told me “May these coral shoes be your luck” when I started this blog, so I will stick to them! (for the rules of legality, these shoes are Kurt Geiger’s Spring 2010 collection)

Below you can find the translation of what is written above:

Istanbul- Madrid- London
In between:
Schools, life, trips, work, growing up, maturing,
Family, friends, things I have won, things I have lost, experience, joy, sorrow..
More than 50 countries and airports, hundreds of people met and my curious eyes...
The grandoise of life and how tiny we are, yet again getting lost in daily worries...
Basically, what we all live...

I mentioned my blog primarily to family & friends that know me closely, the ones that I wanted to share my experience with. Please do not be shy, I will be happy to read your comments.