Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What goes around comes around..I guess it is right!

Today, just as I was  returning from the gym, a group of kids, not more than age 6, asked me so very kindly whether I wanted to have some jam and rasperry juice. Of course I would!
There they were, on a small stand there were some crackers with some jam and a jar and plastic cups. The jam was free but the rasperry juice was 10p- of course I would, I instantly recalled my childhood: I also used to go to the park to “sell” my things, like books, bracelets, hair clips etc. Helping the young & local trade is a task for all of us!
What was even more hilarious is that they could give me a very very small amount of rasperry juice as they didn’t have much- ooppppss, a supply problem!
I was their first customer- so how could I ever refuse them?! I know how good it feels when you manage to sell something!
It has been a long time since I saw such a behaviour, i.e. children behaving like children. Unfortunately we have grown more accustomed to children behaving like grown-ups (and grown-ups, especially the female ones, behaving like children). Maybe it is because I live in a residential area, where kids can go to school on foot or just enjoy their afternoon in the park, therefore they keep their “childhood” relatively in a better way or here live people who still stick to some certain values of child-raising that I also believe are right... Of course I am not an authority or who am I to criticise what people do, yet I have my own terms with life ;) 


Özge B. said...

like a girl in green scarf! u could be a girl in coral shoes:)

Zey@Lon said...

:) esin'cim i love your coral shoes!

ayrica bana gonderdigin madrid tip'lerin harika, onlar da harika olur bu bloga..