Saturday, 23 October 2010

Right around the corner

…. is Christmas! Living abroad for a couple of years now, I enjoy the Christmas spirit, I simply love it. Other than the high sentiments, like appreciation, gratefulness and unity, attached to it, Christmas is just a “different” part of the year.

Here in London, it looks that Christmas is just about to arrive, which is certainly correct. Time flies, right? It started in August- yes, August! I was out for shopping one day and all of a sudden I found myself in a hall of Christmas decorations! Stars, tiny doves, deers, crystal balls, fairies, Santa Clause… August? Christmas? Isn’t it a bit early? Then I thought, probably they wanted to lift spirits of people, as everybody is one way or the other suffering from crisis. Then, the weather got cold: OK, sweater time! And then I noticed the lights on the streets, with the shape of a gift box, ribbons, stars… Following that came the Christmas pudding and other delicious food… Finally, last week asI was shopping with my mum, came these:

Hi there!

So now I know that Chrismas is right around the corner!
Lights, presents, food, candies, shopping, shopping, shopping!

I have been lucky enough to see Christmas in a couple of countries (in different continents, different climates, different languages, different traditions, different practices), thanks to my kind friends who invited me to join them on such a special night. One thing certain: It is an extremely special night and people get united.

Close to my flat in Madrid, they always set up a hut in the garden of a shopping mall, with a different theme every year. Once it was Belem, the other year it was a dwarf baking shop, the other year the polar bear family… One could easily spend hours there- that I did! Maybe I get to see them again this year.
Last year, I moved just on Christmas time to London, to be honest I could not entirely manage to get into the mood as I was kind of overwhelmed by the fast pace of my life, however I recall some scenes with the gorgeous Fortnum & Mason window, where every compartment set on a different theme (don’t ask me please the themes, I was sort of missing trying to locate myself geographically, culturally and phonetically). This year I am hoping to deliver a better performance!

My final remark: about shopping part, I believe I should make a comment: Yes, it is shopping time, you get lots of deals and sales yet I should not do any shopping as my horoscope tells me not to. It is a BIG dilemma. So hard! And my horoscope even takes it further: If you REALLY HAVE TO shop, buy something for the kids in your family. Hummm… There are 3 gorgeous kids in my extended family- OK, they get the presents. And then? Would my sister count? Why the horoscope didn’t say “only buy a gift for the kids and let the others buy you”? Then I would happily forward this to all my beloved! ;)

Let’s see what Papa Noel is going to bring me this year!

P.S. Photos taken in Liberty, one of the style & design shrines of London. 


Özge B. said...

3 gorgeous kids, your lovely baby sister and me, of course! that's the spirit darling:))) i adore the way that u express yourself!!!

Esin said...

and the third kid?

Özge said...

I'm a kid and i'm gorgeous too...!!!

Esin said...

ahahah!looks like I am going to end up buying you all "gergeous" kids some presents…. dangerous! Ozge, I think you got your present from me: starts with M- I want a picture of you wearing them

Anonymous said...

I also adore christmas spirit, which is not happening here :(

more photos needed to get me into the spirit!please... ?

PS: Dwarf baking shop was amazing.... :)